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The First Years Babypro Quick Serve Bottle Warmer, Colors May Vary

Fits wide, narrow, angled, and disposable bottles.
Ready light and automatic shut-off
Removable basket

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The instant bottle warmer can have a bottle ready in just seconds.
Designed for use from birth, the Quick Serve Bottle Warmer from The First Years lets you warm bottles and baby food more accurately and with more consistent temperatures. The compact design and contemporary styling complements any kitchen or nursery counter or table top, and the safe, user-friendly design saves time so your hungry child doesn’t have to wait to eat.

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The Quick Serve Bottle Warmer offers:

  • Fast and easy heating of a bottle of formula or milk.
  • Ability to warm up a jar of baby food.
  • Auto-shutoff for extra safety.

By using steam heat, there are no hot spots and nutritional value is preserved. View larger.

Fast, Convenient Heating
The Quick Serve heats any bottle instantly, whether it’s straight, angled, wide-necked or disposable (glass bottles, however, should not be used). Once baby starts eating solid foods, you can also use this unit to warm a jar of baby food. An included basket for baby food jars and graduated water droppers keep things neat and organized, while the easy-to-read grid allows for effortless measuring.

Safe Steam Heat
The Quick Serve takes the fear and guesswork out of warming, so you won’t have to worry about inconsistent temperatures or the loss of precious nutrients. By utilizing steam heat to warm bottles or jars, this warmer eliminates the possibility of hot spots and unlike microwaves, preserves the nutritional value of the liquids and foods it heats. For added safety, the auto-shut-off button ensures that you never leave the unit on too long or risk overheating milk or baby food.

User-Friendly Design and Operation
The Quick Serve is easy to use–just plug in the unit, add water, slip in the bottle or jar, and press the “on” button. Five minutes later your formula, milk or baby food is warm and ready. If you need to immediately heat another bottle or jar, simply wait 10 minutes to allow the heating element to cool off, and you’re ready to go. And for added peace of mind, it also comes with a 90 day limited warranty.

About The First Years
Part of the Learning Curve brand, The First Years knows that what matters most to parents is keeping their children happy, healthy and safe. That’s why the company strives to develop innovative products for every stage of a child’s development–from feeding to playing to sleeping. The First Years products feature enduring and instantly recognizable characters from Disney and Sesame Street to engage children, and their travel gear, bibs, toys, collectibles and hobby and infant products provide both parents and children with a safe and comfortable play time, bath time and nap time.

Fits wide, narrow, angled, and disposable bottles.
Ready light and automatic shut-off
Removable basket
Warm your bottle safely every time.
Recommended for babies from birth on up


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The First Years

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The First Years


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The First Years


The First Years



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