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Litter Kwitter 9369999001797 Cat Toilet Training System

Trains cats to use human toilet
No need for litter tray
Compatible with standard toilet seats

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Litter Kwitter Toilet Training SystemTrain your cat to use a human toilet in 8 weeks or less. The Litter Kwitter(R) is the award-winning 3-Step Training System designed to train cats to use a human toilet and thereby rid the house of an unhygienic litter tray. Sound weird? Well, not if you’re the one dealing with the litterbox twice per day – picking out the dirt and rinsing the drenched litter into the basin. In fact, Litter Kwitter(R) users claim their homes have never been so clean! No more mess, no more germs, no more smells, no more hassle! The Litter Kwitter(R) and the training protocol were developed with animal behaviorists, vets and cat breeders to make sure they work with the cat’s natural instincts. A happy cat is a successful cat and a great companion! So, it is a professional training product developed with the following three key objectives:The training is kind to catsThe training is based on an understanding of cats’ natural habitsThe training is easy (for cat owners) to understand and useThe Litter Kwitter(R) is used by professional cat breeders so they can offer fully or partially toilet-trained cats to their customers. The RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is the world’s key animal welfare agency. Mark Townsend, CEO in Australia has said: “If you own a cat, this product helps the cat to be house trained with ease and is one of the best pet innovations I have seen for years”. The Litter Kwitter(R) is a professional training product that delivers a genuine and valuable benefit to households. It removes one of the key points of conflict between cats and their owners and leads to more harmonious relationships. And that has to be a good thing, right?Is a toilet trained cat hygienic? With a regular litterbox your cat soils the litter then steps in it with their paws & tracks through your home on kitchen tops, beds and carpets. Meanwhile, the litterbox is an open sewer on the floor in your utility room. You know how that smell
Trains cats to use human toilet
No need for litter tray
Compatible with standard toilet seats





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